Real Estate Services

For Borrowers/Buyers:

Even in a tough real estate market, the difference between purchasing the home of your dreams or settling for the next best thing can come down to the adequacy of your initial offer. As is often the case, success in these types of negotiations often comes down to the skills of your negotiator. At Bayer & Kaufman, we utilize our decades of experience in the real estate industry to help you develop an offer the seller can’t refuse.

If you are refinancing your mortgage, Bayer & Kaufman can provide you with title insurance coverage for your lender as well as a pain-free settlement process at competitive prices.

For Sellers:

For sale by owner? We can help. Whether it’s navigating through endless contract contingencies or establishing rentback conditions, there is not one situation we haven’t seen in the past. Sales between related parties, 1031 exchanges, property division as a result of divorce, responding to multiple simultaneous offers – we’ve seen it all and will ensure that the seller receives the best offer possible while ensuring that they are adequately protected from a prolonged settlement process.

Have a team of experienced lawyers helping you with your real estate settlement. We provide title insurance coverage for buyers. If you are selling, we can help you navigate through endless contract contingencies. Call or email us to find out how we can help you.

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